Anick Dumontet: the “Wheel of fortune” is still spinning!

Anick Dumontet: la «Roue de fortune» tourne encore!

MONTREAL | The pandemic will not stop the “Wheel of fortune” VAT turn for a 32e season. As of Saturday, Anick Dumontet will make new happy, even if the COVID-19 don’t let anyone play of chance this year.

The show is titled, even , Wheel of fortune home with you! even if, in practical terms, the facilitator and his team will not move across Quebec to spread the happiness in amount of money this summer.

Question to comply with the health measures, the wheel – new this year, which will offer players two more chances to win big prizes of$ 50,000 and$ 100,000 – will instead be installed in a studio regularly disinfected.

The winners will be accompanied by one guest only, and the distance of two meters between people will of course be updated.

The decor can be transported to Quebec or in other regions if the demand is great, but it is essentially in the building of TVA, in Montreal, that the segments will be saved.

“But it’s still the good old “Wheel of fortune”, advance Anick Dumontet. Me, my favorite part is the encounter with people, my microtéléréalité two minutes, where I will discuss with the participant, that tells me a part of his life. We will ask people to provide us with photos from their personal archives; they will be able to show us their family, their leisure, their cottage… We will also collaborate with the tourist associations of the different regions. It will be still very colorful and visual, the unique flavor of the person that we encounter.”


A first ten original episodes of Wheel of fortune for you! has already been registered at the end of last season; it is this material that will be on the air to begin with, after Salut Bonjour Week-end. It will not be surprising to see people together, happy to hug, in a carefree own in the pre-COVID!

The vignettes filmed this summer, they will take the antenna on 17 August, after Sweet and Salty, at the beginning and end of the evening.

For Anick Dumontet, who leads the game for the past 12 years, the summer meeting is a great privilege of a career. Even last year, Wheel of fortune home with you! taking an average of 1 581 000 viewers per week, and its 3700 winners shared since 1988, more than$ 157 Million in prizes.

“It is rare for a show that lasts as long in time, in Quebec. We are lucky to be able to do that,” said the one who had previously announced the weather for 11 years Hi Hello and that has been a columnist for Sweet and Salty and blah blah Blah before becoming the face of official Wheel of fortune home with you!

Accustomed to cope with the uncertainty brought on by seasonal work in an environment that is uncertain, that of the television, Anick rumored to have let go and not be troubled beyond measure at the height of the pandemic. This did not prevent him to dream of other beautiful professional challenges for the future.

“I would like to have a show on a specialty channel, on a particular subject. The health of women interests me a lot, the position of women in the world also. I also have a great passion for the kitchen [she has published two books of recipes, in 2016 and 2017, editor’s NOTE]. But, in the current situation, I am blessed by the gods simply to be able to work,” says the mom of a teenager of 13 years, Simon.

Tickets to participate in Wheel of fortune home with you! are already on sale. The regular ticket to$ 3 is added, in 2020, a special edition$ 10 highlighting 50 years of Loto-Québec and offering more chances to win.

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