Animal Cruelty: New Charges Expected Against Heath and Lizotte

William Heath and Bianka Lizotte will have new charges against them.
H eath and his wife, Magog, are charged with cruelty to animals and new charges related to this event will be filed.

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Bianka Lizotte arrested again

The criminal prosecutor Me Émilie Baril-Côté said Monday, to judge Paul Dunnigan of the Court of Quebec, that new charges should be filed in the file.

Defense lawyer Jean-Marc Bénard explained that he had not yet met the accused and is still waiting for legal aid to be accepted.

William Heath and Bianka Lizotte are accused of neglecting to provide adequate and adequate food and care to animals they owned. The charge against the couple covers the period from 18 December 2017 to 21 February 2018,

Following his arrest, the couple was released under various conditions, including the prohibition to own animals and the ban on living in a place where an animal is located.

The couple’s two dogs were found dead in a freezer in a rented residence on Stanley Street that was heavily damaged by the presence of animals left virtually to themselves for a few weeks.

Two other dogs had been recovered by the breeder who had made the sale. Four others had been collected the day after the media coverage of the case.

The file has been postponed until June 27th.

Bianka Lizotte was arrested last week in a case of theft and fraud at a Magog convenience store where she worked.

Lizotte allegedly stole more than $ 30,000 from her former employer, Accommodation Pie X, in 2017.

Bianka Lizotte was released on bail after being charged with theft and fraud of more than $ 5,000.

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