Animals: the Beauty of Dominique Bertrand

Animals: the Beauty of Dominique Bertrand


Dominique Bertrand introduces us to her Beauty, a 4-year-old female golden retriever: “A natural star”. She is also the darling of the building where she lives.

1. What is the reason that led you to have this dog?

When Babe, our previous dog that we loved with all our hearts, passed away, I was not able to wait. A household without a dog is sad. They say love heals love! When we saw Beauté, it was “Love at first sight“, love at first sight! I have never regretted it. And I didn't make any negative comparisons to Babe. Dogs are not all the same. On the contrary! They each have their own personality.

2. Why did you choose this name?

When we saw her face, this tiny two-month-old puppy, her name became obvious, because she is a beauty! It must also be said that her official name in the registers is Majesty's most beautiful girl. No wonder!

3. Are you more “cat” or and why “dog”?

I'm more dog. I'm too emotionally dependent, so I need that interaction you have with a dog.

4. How would you describe Beauty's personality?

She is beautiful. She is thin. Everyone loves him! She never has a movement of impatience; she doesn't yelp. She never inspires fear even though she is big and takes up space. And she's so affectionate. She's more playful and stronger than Babe was. He's a clown. We have several photos of her where she strikes funny poses. She is hilarious. We don't have to go see a comedy show with her! We laugh all the time. She is also very intuitive and protective. For example, when my elderly mother comes home, Beauty watches over her. Also, if I'm sad, she feels it and comes to bed at my feet. One night I was having a nightmare, she even yelped to wake my husband. 

5. Tell us a funny fact about her.

It looks like she is trying to talk like us and use words with her vocalizations that have multiple tones.

6. Tell us an unusual fact about Beauty.

It is the darling of the building where we live! In fact, she fell in love with Mike, an Italian who works here in the building. When she sees it, it's pure love! When we tell her: “We're going to see Mike”, she no longer sees clearly. When she sees him at the end of the field, she runs towards him. And Mike, he has this way of talking to her… He asks her questions and then gives the answers. They have hooked atoms, these two. This crazy hope of love that she has for him and he for her, I find that simply touching. My husband once asked me, “Should I be jealous?” (Laughs)

7. Tell us about one of his bad tricks.

Little, she ate my Valentino sandals! In fact, it was my husband who did the wrong thing, because he had to watch her, but he was playing on his tablet. I said to him: “it will cost you dearly!” (Laughs)

8. Like master, like animal

Yes! We have a similar temperament. We are “crazy” and entertaining, affectionate and very sensitive. 

9. What is her favorite place?

She likes to walk at the dog park. It is very close to a tennis court and there are stray balls. She loves stray bullets!

10. How can your pet be a source of inspiration for you?

This is the life lesson that dogs teach me: they are happy with so little. They only need the essentials and are satisfied with little. If we could all learn that…


Former international model turned television and radio host, then author (Le pot au rose and Le coeur gros), she has just published a new novel, Secret gardens filled with nettles, with Flammarion .