Animals: the lovely Xavi from the Biodôme veterinarian

Animals: the pretty Xavi from the Biodôme veterinarian


Early March. It's snowing again. I wanted to dive into a more lenient environment by interviewing the Biodôme veterinarian, Émiko Wong, about her lovely cat Xavi. A wise choice for this spring break! 

1. What is the reason that led you to have this cat in your home?

I've wanted an animal for a long time and I've always loved cats. The trigger was to find myself working from home during the pandemic and the renovations of the Biodôme. 

2. Why did you choose the name Xavi?

Xavi is the diminutive of Xavier in Catalan. I went to Catalonia in 2002 because I have friends there. I found that the letter “X”, which is pronounced “Tcha” in Catalan, sounds like Chat!

3. Are you more “cat” or “dog”?

Definitely cat.

4. How to describe in a few sentences the personality of Xavi?

He is a reporter. He has fun putting objects in his mouth, often toys, and brings them back to me. He comes outside with me, in a harness, and he likes it. It is rather zen outside. When I show him his harness, he knows we're going outside and coming to the door. He is a cat who, at times, is quite clingy and affectionate.

5. Tell us a particular fact about Xavi.

He looks like a Siberian cat and has long hair and he likes the cold. Believe it or not, Xavi loves hanging out in the fridge. I keep an empty tablet just for him! Of course, I also set my timer so I don't forget!

6. Tell us a funny fact about Xavi.

When I do yoga, he comes and lies all over the mat and nibbles my bun!

7. Tell us about one of his bad tricks.

One day, he managed to get through the window screen and jumped from the first floor. He went for a walk in greater Montreal! He did not yet have a microchip at that time. I can tell you that the Madame was very stressed!

8. What is his favorite activity? 

Going to the garden, outside. Every night when I come home, he runs to the garden gate.

9. What do you wish you had known before getting Xavi?

Nothing. In fact, I learned to discover it slowly. 

10. Who takes care of your pet when you go on vacation?

My sister. She is a big lover of cats. She has one too and they get along wonderfully.

11. How can your cat inspire you?

When I feel stress related to work, I look at him, Xavi: he is relaxed and has no worries. I feel his relaxed muscles. We should take the time to relax more.

12. What is your favorite animal at the Biodôme?

The sloth. This animal is absolutely fascinating. It evolved very differently from other mammals. For example, his joints can move in all directions and he has resistance to infectious diseases. It lives in commensalism with algae and in mutualism with moths. It is an ecosystem on its own! 

To learn more about sloths, visit the Friends of the Biodôme (< strong>). We have four females at the Biodôme. They are almost always in the canopy as they eat leaves, but we are now more likely to see them as we have better access to the canopy thanks to recent renovations.

About Émiko Wong

Veterinarian, she has been working in a fabulous place since 2003 and takes care of the resident fauna of the Biodôme!