Animals: they really swallowed that! (Part II)

Animals: They Really Swallowed ça! (Part II)< /p> UPDATE DAY

Animals often have the annoying habit of swallowing anything they can get their hands on. The ingestion of foreign bodies is one of the frequent causes of hospitalization in veterinary medicine.

Last week, I told you about the foreign bodies that animals regularly swallow, causing health problems, but also a lot of worries for owners. I showed you some American cases. This week, I'm showing you x-rays of animals taken in various local veterinary establishments that have also ingested foreign bodies. All of these stories ended well for the animals, but that's not always the case. Be careful! 

Bullet (x-ray 1)

Jack, a Labernese dog, was seen at the Journet veterinary clinic in Montreal because he was vomiting and not eating. The client thought he might have swallowed something at the park two days earlier. The x-ray shows a bullet in the stomach. This was removed in surgery.

Bolts (x-ray 2)

Jasmine, a Labrador dog, was presented to the Emergency Department of the University Veterinary Hospital Center in Saint-Hyacinthe following the ingestion of five bolts and a car wheel wrench. Its owners had changed their car's tires and laid the oil-coated bolts on a counter. When they got back there, the bolts were gone and Jasmine was vomiting and salivating. They can be seen in the stomach on the x-ray. They were removed by endoscopy.


Dakota, a Lhasa Apso and Yorkie cross, was introduced to the Vet & Company, in Brossard. The owner had dropped a zipper and believed Dakota had eaten it. X-rays confirmed everything. The zipper was removed in surgery.


Mittens, a cat, ate a needle encased in a thread 15 cm long. The owners showed up at the Jean-Talon Veterinary Clinic in Montreal when Mittens began to strain to vomit and a lump appeared in his neck. The veterinary team felt the tip of the needle under the skin. It was clearly visible at the level of the cat's neck on the x-ray. The needle and thread were removed following an operation under anesthesia. 


Pickles, a golden retriever, has was seen at the DMVVET Center in Lachine. He had gone fishing with his owner and ate a fish as soon as he came out of the water, with the hook… You could clearly see the hook in his stomach. This was removed in surgery.