Anita Lutsenko dispelled the biggest myth about food, no counting calories and diets

Анита Луценко развеяла главный миф о питании, никакого подсчета каллорий и диет

today, 15:08

Famous star coach and TV presenter Anita Lutsenko always gives many useful tips about health and fitness on his page in Instagram. Recently a celebrity put up an important post about nutrition, telling you how to understand what to eat and what is not. So, the actress explained why it is not necessary to count calories or be afraid to eat too much candy and other “harm”, recommending a balanced diet: fiber (vegetables, fruits), protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans), carbohydrates (cereals, pasta), water.

“The ideal option to understand what and how to eat, it’s not counting calories or subtraction is harmful and wrong, but simply a guide to what you should see in front of you on the plate and the plate of their children)
Recommended Rules:
1. Half of the plate should occupy vegetables, berries and fruit. To feel good, have no deficiency of vitamins, good to go to the toilet) and any vegetables in any form and frozen in the form of soups including.
2. Protein for immunity and health and muscles: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, legumes.
3. A quarter plate on the carbs is energy. It either is or it is not and then “Hey, sweetness, where are you?”. Bread, cereals, makaroshki also legumes.
4. Water is her preference in the desire to drink 🏆
5. No need to fear all hazards. If 3 times a day, your plate looks like something from the cookies, scoops of ice cream, one candy no harm will be done!
I wish everyone in our “difficult” time of plenty( food and information) the ability to filter❤ I”, – shared this simple but very important advice Lutsenko. Followers were delighted, leaving comments under the post.

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Анита Луценко развеяла главный миф о питании, никакого подсчета каллорий и диет

Анита Луценко развеяла главный миф о питании, никакого подсчета каллорий и диет

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