Anita Lutsenko revealed the secret of proper nutrition, it’s very simple: “It’s the little things”

Анита Луценко раскрыла главный секрет правильного питания, все очень просто: "Это такие мелочи"

today, 17:36

Famous star coach and TV presenter Anita Lutsenko always gives many useful tips about health and fitness on his page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put a very important post about food, because food helps to achieve the desired result, along with sports. Thus, the artist wrote the most common mistakes that can mislead us.

“It happens that some products are endowed with magic properties: this better lose weight, this generally breaks down fat )), this is more useful than all the others, but that’s not entirely true)
Only food can give health and beauty!
And one more thing! All the little things like: drink water with gas or without is the evening or is not, milk, diet by blood, best time for training, special apps and bells and whistles, and there is a growing Moon, detailed counting calories ( which is faster neurosis earn) – all the small things, which won’t give much result if you will not correct GLOBAL AND VERY SIMPLE ERRORS IN the feed:
1. Too much food (any)
2. Hypodynamia ( lack of motion and not in training, but generally during the day)
3. Too many sweets and fats
4. Too late food
5. Too many sugary drinks.
So correct and live beautifully without thinking about the little things, when not corrected large💋” – shared knowledge Lutsenko.

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