Anita Lutsenko shared effective ways to lose weight: the right time, desire and perhaps a cat

Анита Луценко поделилась действенными способами похудеть: нужны время, желание и, возможно, кот

Fitness trainer and expert on weight loss Anita Lutsenko motivates their fans to exercise and eat right. And one result of this lifestyle is a sports figure, Anita, which inspires women to the fact that it’s never too late to begin to engage ourselves, to become healthier and to change lives for the better. New photo of gorgeous pieces she published on his page in Instagram. The picture shows a young mother and fitness trainer posing in tights demonstrating her elastic buttocks.

“Self-discipline in training and the ability not to stay in a difficult moment is transferred to life! Never give up”, – signed photo of Lutsenko.

Anita also showed a short video, which performs an exercise on the buttocks.

“4 sets of 15 times with the weight! Well, you remember: the dumbbell, the cat… and then it can act as a load – child”, – she specified.

In another roller Lutsenko showed how to perform the exercise “three in one”: on the press, buttocks and stretching.

“On each leg 15 reps, 3 sets”, – said the coach.

Recall that the famous star coach and TV presenter Anita Lutsenko always gives many useful tips about health and fitness on his page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put up a great post about how trenirovatsya girls during pregnancy. So, the actress said that training in this important period needs to radically change, to become less zealous and forget about performing exercises with a weight over 4 pounds.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anita Lutsenko recorded a video, which you can use to align your posture and make your legs slimmer. Training takes only 5 minutes.

Celebrity also took part in a popular Ukrainian show “Dances with stars z”, so I decided to not only learn but also to teach his followers. So, Anita and her partner Alexander Prokhorov recorded on the video short training.

And the trainer shared useful recipe lazy dumplings.


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