Anna Sedokova 25 years kept silent about sexual harassment

The singer turned to the girls with the important call

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 11:09

The famous singer, ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova, who first said she was pregnant for the fourth time, and then admitted he was kidding, open up with your followers. The actress told of an embarrassing incident which happened to her at 12 years of age.

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So, on his page on Instagram the singer posted a long post in which he called all the girls to respect themselves and not allow men to humiliate them. According to her, she has experienced sexual harassment, which remained silent for 25 years. What exactly happened with Anna, she did not specify.

Анна Седокова 25 лет молчала о сексуальном домогательстве

“I want this post to stand up for all the girls who know what it’s like when you’re drunk and solicits a sharp or just an adult. I know how it is… abuse of power, disrespect, all that we suffer because we are afraid of stones, melted into us. In order to talk about what happened, it took me 25 years and I admire those who is not silent… We need to learn is slapping those who allow themselves too much. We must work together, supporting each other, giving to understand that it can not be with us…,” wrote Sedokova.

We will remind, recently Anna Sedokova with her lover Janis Timmay got a dog:

Anna also encouraged the girls not to take part in the popular Dating show “the Bachelor” in order not to be humiliated and not to fight for a man’s heart, along with 20 other competitors.

“Girls, stop to devalue yourself, your soul and your dreams . After all, not about our songs. Not worth it on a daily basis to take part in the show “the Bachelor,” standing in a queue of 20 heifers for flower man. Respect yourself first of all, don’t let anyone put you in a place where you don’t want to be,” concluded the star.

Earlier we wrote that Anna Sedokova announced a solo concert in Kiev. Find out how fans reacted.

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Анна Седокова 25 лет молчала о сексуальном домогательстве

Анна Седокова 25 лет молчала о сексуальном домогательстве

Анна Седокова 25 лет молчала о сексуальном домогательстве

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