Anna Sedokova for the first time in a long time, resting with daughter Monica

Youngest daughter Anna Sedokova Monica resides with her father

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Анна Седокова впервые за долгое время отдыхает с дочерью Моникой

Anna Sedokova

36-year-old singer Anna Sedokova spends time with his children, son Hector and older daughter Alina. However, with regard to relations with the youngest daughter, Monica, then things are more complicated. Former husband of Anna Sedokova Maxim Cherniavsky, insisted that their daughter lived with him in the United States. So, now the singer can see the daughter not so much.

Recently, however, Anna Sedokova went to rest in Turkey with children. The actress shared a funny video with his son Hector, and added the sweet caption: “But until we found a puddle and just as I turned away for a moment, Huck was already in it. Alina has violated all the rules of driving our at. Rules invented by the weak! And Monica… Monica – angel )) Today my morning began with declarations of Love – “I love you, Mommy. You’re still a little sleep, and something I will look”)))) Well, we ran to the beach!”.

The eldest daughter of singer Alina on his page in Instagram also showed a fun video in which dancing with the star’s mother and younger sister Monica.

“Hello there. Finally, we are all together and unrealistically good,” wrote Alina.

Earlier we wrote that Anna Sedokova confirmed the rumors about the new novel. In addition, recently, the sexy singer showed themselves in a new way.

Anna Sedokova showed her new chosen one – watch the video:

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