Anna Sedokova showed how the celebrated birthday son: I don’t know the test harder

Анна Седокова показала, как отметила День рождения сына: я не знаю испытания сложнее

Anna Sedokova

The soloist of the “Golden” group “VIA Gra”, the famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who lives and works in Moscow, often pleases fans with news of her life in Instagram. The singer never misses an opportunity to boast in the network with their juicy forms, and every time publishes images posing in skimpy outfits.

But this time Sedokova has changed its principles and has posted a nice video of the celebration of the birth of the son Hector, who turned two years old. Judging by the video, Anna gave Chad a real holiday, not exactly herself, and the company that is engaged, and about which singer said in the caption to the video. In the video you can see the birthday boy Hector and his mother Anna Sedokova and younger guests, and in fact, those who helped to organize this celebration.

“I don’t know more difficult test than children’s parties. And I don’t know what I would do without @moreshowcom. And, then, my child, as soon as the celebration, went straight to the animators and not depart from them, leaving the mother alone with her friends. Well, I have something to talk about with two years old, but honestly, they were so much fun and definitely not to me. Some cool robot we had, and Cars! I didn’t want to take it out somewhere and found a place in the house @moreshowcom said is not a problem and made the holiday for one day! I remember I was in a difficult situation and was able to organize a celebration for Monica’s only in Kiev and @moreshowcom again said it was no problem! Loaded the scenery into trucks, in airplanes and through the day we had was at the festival. Thank you very much! Kids and moms happy. Watch the video! Hector, happy Birthday!”, – posted by Anna Sedokova in the caption to the video.

We will remind, Anna Sedokova congratulated men hot pictures in bikini.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that depraved Sedokova saddled with something solid.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that gathered Sedokova sexy girlfriends and made a “Threesome”.


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