Anna : the new heroine badass Luc Besson unveils itself in a trailer

Anna : the new heroine badass Luc Besson unveils itself in a trailer

After a soap-opera ambitious with Valerian, Luc Besson will return to the source with Anna, his new film. As you can see in the trailer, this project promises already a heroine badass and mysterious and a lot of action.

After Nikita and Lucy, up now to Anna, the new heroine super-badass Luc Besson. In his film of the same name due on July 10, next to the cinema, the director will give us what he does best : a story centered on a woman incredible ambitions-fatal dive into a world of action and sequences are epic.

Anna, the new heroine of Luc Besson unveils

And to make up the excitement, a first trailer is already coming to be put online. The program ? We find the casting of 5 stars this project (Sasha Luss, Luke Evans, Helen Mirren and Cillian Murphy) we contant the characteristics of this heroine, and we are seeing the promise of a film as intense, spectacular, and… surprising.

In fact, this new heroine will have nothing that is similar to the previous creations of Luc Besson. As implied by the characters in the video and as explained in the synopsis, Anna – which promises to be intractable, would be mostly a mystery in itself. Has the manner of a Matrioshka, those Russian dolls that fit one inside the other, the character played by Sasha Luss hide more personalities than we can imagine and may well make us doubt throughout the film : “Who is she really and how many women are hiding in it ? Is this a simple seller of dolls on the Moscow market ? A top model which is being paraded in Paris ? A killer that has caused so much bloodshed Milan ? A cop is corrupt ? A double agent ? Or just a terrible chess player ? It will have to wait for the end of the game to know who really is ANNA and who is “checkmate”.”

Rendez-vous on 10 July to explore the adventures of the “cousin” of Nikita in the cinema.


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