Anne Dorval's career in five souvenir photos

Anne Dorval's career in five souvenir photos


From dream to reality

1989. Anne, 20, had graduated from the Montreal Conservatory of Dramatic Arts six years earlier, and now the TV roles were multiplying. She would be on two TV series that year, Tandem and Chambres en ville. The young woman who grew up in Trois-Rivières dreamed of playing great classics, Racine, by Musset.  

Discover Anne by Lola

33 years ago! In 1990, Anne Dorval, who had mainly played in the theater, had become the Lola of the small screen. His role in the series Chambres en villemade her discover by a large audience, because the series written by Sylvie Payette would soon attract more than two million viewers on Télé-Métropole (TVA). 

An exceptional springboard 

Lola with the handsome Pete (Francis Reddy) from the popular TVA soap opera Chambres en ville, a nursery series for a whole generation of actors. Anne played this character alongside the actor for much of the 1990s. They even married on screen, notably alongside Louise Deschâtelets, the manager of the boarding house for young people.  

< h3>Confidences from 30 years ago

A few days before a big premiere at the TNM in 1993, the actress gave her impressions, saying that she was shy in life, concerned about her job ephemeral and invaded by mad stage fright. “I feel like I'm throwing myself into the lion's den,” she said. She has since performed in some sixty various productions. 


A moving evening for Anne, who received her first Gémeaux award in 2005 for her roles as Ashley and Criquette, in the comedy Le cœur a ses raison. Since then, she has won around twenty prestigious awards, notably for Les Parent on TV, as well as for Mommy and I killed my mother > at the cinema.


  • Anne Dorval can currently be seen on stage at the TNM in Je t write in the middle of a beautiful storm, by Dany Boudreault, a piece inspired by the 865 love letters exchanged by the great author Albert Camus and his mistress, Maria Casarès, mad with passion. The actress plays Maria, Steve Gagnon Camus. Until February 19. See
  • The actress plays Madeleine, mother of four children in the engaging series directed by Xavier Dolan, The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up. On Club illico and Canal +.
  • Anne becomes Jessica alongside Fabien Cloutier in the popular series Léo which won him a Gémeaux award in 2019. Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TVA. Or on VAT +.
  • The actress starred in the film Le plus vivant possible by Belgian director Delphine Girard, a drama recounting an evening of celebration that goes wrong. Expected release in 2023