Anne Hathaway openly admitted, why has not been able to get pregnant

The actress faced with the problem of infertility

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Энн Хэтэуэй откровенно призналась, почему долго не могла забеременеть

Anne Hathaway

Famous Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway, who recently received a star on the “Alley of fame”, is preparing a second time to become a mother. She recently told his fans, who immediately began to congratulate her. As you know, star does not like to share personal life, but Anne still decided to speak about the period when she was faced with infertility.

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In an interview to foreign source Daily Mail, Hollywood celebrity told his difficult story. The most difficult part for her was the period when everyone else was asked the same question – “Why you so long delay with the second child?”. Anne Hathaway could all explain the true reasons, but at heart she was very hard.

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“When I couldn’t get pregnant, and someone was telling me that she was pregnant – it was agony. I understood that I should be happy for others, but it seemed to me that everyone is talking about the pregnancy to hurt me. I was not able to understand what was happening, and blamed only himself and his body,” admits the actress.

Walk this difficult path and morally to stand helped her husband Adam, with whom the actress married for seven years, and support other women who find themselves in a similar situation.

Энн Хэтэуэй откровенно призналась, почему долго не могла забеременеть

Anne Hathaway

“We never used to talk about the complexities, exposing Instagram only happy moments of their lives, not always realizing how that could make someone accidentally hurt. When I told that I could not get pregnant, many have written me that have been through it and understands me. I know that in the world there are thousands of women who are now trying to conceive. I want to say to all: do not be afraid, I am with you!” – appealed to his fans actress.

Earlier, Anne Hathaway was a guest on the next edition of the show Ellen DeGeneres broadcast that made an unexpected confession: the star decided to quit alcohol. This decision she took after stayed with his friend and colleague on the film “Sea of temptation” Matthew McConaughey.

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