Anniversary concert of Alla Pugacheva: 70-year-old grandmother lit, as in his youth

Юбилейный концерт Пугачевой: 70-летняя бабушка зажгла, как в молодости

Alla Pugacheva

After a week of Russian diva Alla Pugacheva is going to celebrate its 70th anniversary, in whose honor the singer is preparing a Grand show. In the network appeared new details of the anniversary concert.

Ten years ago, Alla Pugacheva gave a concert, called the final, and stated that ends his career. However, the diva changed her mind about the last word on the stage and decided in honor of its 70th anniversary, to please many fans, organizing a new show.

Юбилейный концерт Пугачевой: 70-летняя бабушка зажгла, как в молодости

When they started to sell tickets to the anniversary concert of Alla Pugacheva, ratchatani them as cakes. And now they sell them for half a million rubles. And that success, even for the price they are bought almost instantly.

The anniversary concert is scheduled for April 17. However, the network has already appeared the video, shot during rehearsals for the show.

The lucky ones who have been behind the scenes, was published in the footage from rehearsals, where Alla sings live on stage with her rehearsing a dance number about two dozen artists.

According to records, the fans waiting for this show. oprydning footage can be seen on decorations in the Breakfast bar and several tables and chairs. Around the perimeter of the scene stenosen fake lights and lots of lights.

Itself Alla Pugacheva famously danced, singing one of his hits.

Well-known music critic Arthur Gasparyan Trakai visited one of the rehearsals of the singer . He posted a photo in Instagram on which they stand, together with Alla Pugacheva.

“To attend a rehearsal of Alla – how to fly in space. I’m not even talking about live sound and incredible singing, and all! But the singing INCR. Even me. Why “even”? Yes, because, unlike the fallacies of cardboard, I do not doubt. A Royal gift! “- shared his impressions of the expert.

As can be seen from the video footage and photos for the anniversary concert, the Diva has updated her hairstyle: tinted and straightened hair and trimmed bangs.

We will remind, Alla Pugacheva so changed his appearance that fans just dumped on the spot.

As reported by the portal Know.ia emerged juicy details of his personal life of Alla Pugacheva

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, husband of Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin got naked on camera and gave intimate secrets.


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