Another big catch from the Stingers

Another big Stingers grab


The Concordia Stingers have added another big name coach to their roster by hiring Gladymir Charmant. 

He who has over 15 years of experience in football will be the defensive front coordinator for the roster that hired Paul Eddy Saint-Vilien as defensive coordinator last week.

Recently, the Stingers have also brought in Justin Chapdelaine (offensive assistant), Martin Lapostolle (defensive line coach), Olivier Fréchette Lemire (defensive backs coach) and Nicholas Melsbach (defending assistant) in their coaching staff.

It was the arrival of all these players from the world of Quebec football that convinced Charmant to join the hive, but more particularly the arrival of Saint-Vilien.

“Paulo, it's like my big brother. I consider him to be one of my mentors,” he said in a telephone interview.

“It's really nice to reconnect with someone who inspires me. showed football.”

The arrival of so many football headers on the defensive side of the ball could also allow the Stingers to take the next step, they who have not appeared in a Dunsmore Cup final since the 2008 season.

< p>“With Olivier Roy as quarterback and all the excellent receivers, the Stingers represent one of the best offenses in the league. Defensively it was more difficult. I hope we will be able to change that,” said Charmant.

An “emotional” separation

For the past six seasons, Charmant has coached the Université de Montréal Carabins defensive line. He also wore the colors of this team in the first decade of the millennium.

The man recognized for his frankness did not hide the fact that he finds it difficult to have to say goodbye to the “Blues” .

“I am leaving my alma mater, the place where I have spent the most time for almost ten years”, he raised with emotion.

“The Carabins decided not to renew my contract, because they wanted to go in another direction. Marco [Iadeluca, the head coach of the Carabins] and I had a very emotional discussion. […] He did what he thought was best for his program, but reluctantly. I felt it was a tough decision for him.”

Charmant made sure his Carabins players were the first to know he was going to go over to the enemy side.


“I told them that I loved them very much, that it was a “business” and not a betrayal. Their answers really warmed my heart.”

A busy man

With the Stingers, Charmant will be full-time during the season, but will be part time during the off season. This can be explained by the fact that he is at the head of a new football development program at Georges-Vanier high school in Laval.

“It's been a while since I'm working on it. Paul wanted me to be full time. I couldn't, because I had signed up with Georges-Vanier,” said Charmant, who initially turned down his friend's offer to join the Stingers.

“Paulo is returned to the charge and I changed my tune. He created a tailor-made position for me.”

“I am a psychosocial worker by profession. To be able to combine my job and my passion for football is the best thing”, rejoiced the one who will oversee a program where young people will practice football every school day.