Another flood in British Columbia

A new toboggan run in British Columbia

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British Columbia was on high alert on Thursday with the arrival of a new low that should leave tens of millimeters of rain on the Pacific coast, devastated by monster flooding it about ten days ago.

“Howe Sound, as well as northern parts of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley will receive up to 80mm of rain by Friday morning . In the meantime, in the southern parts of Metro Vancouver and in the Fraser Valley, it will fall as much as 50 mm of rain by Friday morning, ”Environment Canada detailed Thursday morning.

These quantities, much less than the 200 to 250 mm left by the historic storm of November 13 to 15, could nevertheless greatly worsen the situation, the province still not having managed to recover from the previous torrential rains.

“As you know, we'll get rain again. This will have an impact on flooded lands and roads, ”Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said on Wednesday.

The government fears that the soil and rivers may not be able to handle it. absorb this new precipitation, which would therefore cause new flooding.

The new low comes as Highway 1 in the Fraser Valley is finally due to reopen to traffic on Thursday. The first Canadian Pacific trains also reached the port of Vancouver on Wednesday, more than a week after the disaster, while those of the Canadian National were due to reach Thursday.

To date, six deaths related to the mudslides in mid-November have been confirmed, while the damage is expected to run into the billions of dollars.

“We have been tested, disaster after disaster, over the past few years. Each time, we have overcome these challenges by working together and helping each other, ”said Minister Farnworth, appealing for donations to help the victims.

Remember that British Columbia has been hit hard in recent years, between the millions of hectares of forest ravaged by fires in recent years, the destruction of the village of Lytton in July and the heat dome that caused hundreds of deaths last summer, not to mention the pandemic and the opioid crisis, also responsible for thousands of deaths.

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