Another heat wave is already looming in the next week

Une autre canicule se pointe déjà la semaine prochaine

The current heat wave that broke records for the last six days has not yet ended, another is already looming on the horizon as early as next week.

With the mercury climbing up to 34.7 degrees Celsius, the heat wave reached its peak in Montreal on Monday.

It was on June 22, the warmest in 150 years, since the temperatures are recorded in the metropolis. The absolute record for the month of June, 35 °C and dating from 1964, has spent close to beat him also.

After a seventh day of extreme heat expected today, the mercury is down to normal temperatures for the beginning of the summer.

A short reprieve

But the respite will be short-lived, warns the meteorologist André Cantin of Environment Canada.

“From Sunday, we start again to ride and the next week, we should play in the 30 °C even once,” he says.

Even if he remains cautious, as it is forecast in the long term, all indicators are predicting a return of the heat.

“We are going to learn about other heat waves “, adds in his turn, meteorologist Gilles Brien, specifying that the maximum temperatures in the summer usually occur around mid-July.

He points out that Montreal has, on average, nine days during which the mercury rises above 30 °C. With the day of today, the total is already at 12 this year, while the summer season is only starting, ” he said.

In addition to being hot, summer is also very sec. Montreal has received three times less rain since the 1st of may, ” says Mr. Brien.

No deaths

Despite the long heat wave infrequent that currently lives in the metropolis, the public health confirms that it has received no reports of deaths associated with the heat wave for now.

Two years ago, a heat wave occurred in early July, had resulted in over sixty deaths on the island.

The Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal (CHUM), the centre of the city, points out that these days “a few people affected by the heat” presented themselves to the emergency room.

For its part, Urgences-santé has denoted 75 calls during the weekend for ailments related to extreme temperatures.

  • In Canada, there is talk of a heat wave when the mercury reached 30 °C at most during at least three consecutive days, without the humidex.
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