Another K.-O. for Christian Mbilli

Another knockout for Christian Mbilli

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Christian Mbilli wanted to be patient in the ring. He didn't need it. He defeated the American DeAndre Ware in the second round by K.-O., Friday, at the Casino de Montreal. 

Already holder of the continental belt of the Americas of the WBC super -middleweight, he added the WBA international title. The Frenchman is still satisfied with his performance, his first on ESPN. 

Mibilli (22-0, 20 KOs) believes he has shown patience, but a nasty cut in the brow bone forced him to rush things. Ware (15-4-2, 9 KOs) simply had no response to his punches from that point on. 

“During the first round, I already had several opportunities to shorten the fight. I was a little more patient to see how it would go. I let the first slip, but on the second, with the cut, I might as well go into the breaches, and I inflicted the knockout on him. »

“I listened to the instructions, I'm really happy with my fight, argued the protege of Eye of the Tiger Management. But I know what I am: a wrecker. I was thinking about that all the time. By dint of repealing the fights, we will call it the welcome tax! » 

Mbilli thus continues his progression, he who wishes to obtain a world championship fight in 2023. 

A street fight< /p>

Before Mary Spencer's victory, Leila Beaudoin had to manage her emotions against Karla Ramos Zamora. In what looked like a street fight at times, the Quebecer succeeded brilliantly, winning by unanimous decision of the judges.

Against a Mexican who had obviously set herself the goal of hanging on, even going a few whims, Beaudoin did not hide that she was destabilized.

She was quickly reassured by her corner and the judges confirmed her triumph with three identical cards from 58-56. Despite an ordinary record, Zamora (9-9, 2 K.-O.) has already stood up to Dicaire, almost six years ago.

“She's a top 10 girl. She's seen boxing,” said Beaudoin (7-0, 1 K.-O.). I know I hurt her and shook her a few times. But she continued. She ate punches in the face. But every time I got up [for a new round], I was like, 'Come on, you gotta go! Kick!” »

Longer fights

Now Beaudoin is ready for the next step. Proudly indicating that she corrected some defensive issues, she would like to have an eight-round shock. 

“I really took a step forward in terms of fitness. That's what I was missing. I am explosive, powerful, but I needed that. It was probably my last [fight of] six rounds, ”said the nursing student who should resume action on October 27, in Gatineau.

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