Another Quiet Flu Season

Another quiet flu season


The flu season has not yet started in Quebec and it promises to be very quiet for a second winter in a row, a direct consequence of the pandemic.

< p>  COVID-19 doesn't leave room for the flu , says Dr. Karl Weiss, microbiologist-infectiologist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

If the flu season he influenza is usually well underway in mid-January, this year being an exception for a second winter in a row.

“It should be very quiet,” also believes Dr. Gaston De Serres , epidemiologist at the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ).

Only four cases of influenza (A) were reported in the first week of January despite 3049 tests carried out, according to data from INSPQ.

Eight cases had been reported the previous week. Note that similar statistics were recorded last winter. In a normal flu season, more than 1500 cases can be recorded per week.

Karl Weiss, Microbiologist

Multiple barriers 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult for the flu to make its way.

In addition, all closures of public places, personal protective equipment and the reduction of travel reduce the ability of the virus to spread. spread.

“COVID-19 is so much more contagious that if we block it, we will be extremely effective at blocking influenza, because it is less contagious”, explains Dr. De Serres.

According to experts, the flu season could start later, but it is unlikely. The return to school on Monday, however, could generate a little more contagion.

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