Another worker dies of COVID-19 in Montreal

Une autre préposée décède de la COVID-19 à Montréal

The pandemic of COVID-19 tore away the life of at least one-fifth beneficiaries attendant at Quebec, carried away in a few days with the virus and almost without symptoms, according to his relatives.

“We don’t know what happened […] It is hard, because we really didn’t expect this,” says with great sorrow of the daughter of Marie-Caona Friendship, passed away on may 22.

Her mother, 65-year-old was a patient care attendant since 2012 to the intermediary resource (IR) Place Lacordaire Montreal. She worked with residents on the second floor.

The daughter of Mrs. Friendship, who prefers to conceal his name, explains that his mother learned of his diagnosis when a screening test on may 18. This is only the next day that she began to experience some symptoms, such as fever.

But since she had no respiratory difficulty, the Info-line-Health would not have recommended to go to the hospital, according to her daughter. A doctor has consulted with his mother, but three days later it is off.

In good health

The sexagenarian had, however, no known health problems, which adds to the misunderstandings experienced by the family.

“These are questions that will remain unanswered,” said his daughter.

No other member of his family has been infected, to the great relief of all, because Mary-Caona Friendship lived with his mother, 106 years old, has been spared.

If it keeps a memory of his mother, and it is the one of a kind woman, lover of life and of her four children and seven grandchildren.

“It was the mother of all the world “, blows his daughter. Of haitian descent, Ms. Friendship came to Quebec in the 70’s.

“My mother loved her job, she loved the residents there […] If she had not retired at 65 years of age, it is because she loved it,” says his daughter with pride.

His death was remained unknown, up until the publication of a web article in the journal of internal CIUSSS of the Is-de-l’île-de-Montréal, which was removed yesterday.


“It was not up to us to make it public,” says a spokesman about the error. The CIUSSS of the East-of-the-Island-of-Montreal, however, shows his sadness and solidarity ahead of the loss of a health worker on its territory.

The owner of the Place Lacordaire, Anthony Falvo, refused our interview request, directing us instead to the director, Isabelle St-Hilaire. It does, however, not recalled.

Last Saturday, The Newspaper reported that the Place Lacordaire observed 14 deaths and 24 cases of infection.

The other health workers who died

Huy Hao Dao, 44 years

  • Died April 15,
  • A doctor at the public health Directorate of the Montérégie

Victoria Salvan, 64 years of age.

  • Died April 16,
  • Patient care attendant at Centre Grace Dart extended care Montreal

Stéphanie Tessier 31 years old

  • Died April 27,
  • Patient care attendant at CHSLD Lucien G. Rolland, Saint-Jérôme

Marina Thenor-Louis is 45 years old

  • Died April 29,
  • Patient care attendant at CHSLD Cartierville, Montreal

Laurence Menard, 33 years old

  • Died may 4,
  • Social worker CIUSSS of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec

Employee non-disclosed

  • Died may 21,
  • A care attendant in the quarantine working in a CHSLD de Montréal
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