Anthony Colette (DALS 10) : butterflies in my stomach, crying… Victim of bullying, he entrusts himself

Anthony Colette (DALS 10) : boule au ventre, pleurs... Victime de harcèlement scolaire, il se confie

Anthony Colette (Dancing with the stars 10) : “the ball at the belly” every morning and “crying” every night, the former Iris Mittenaere tells the story of the bullying to which he was subjected

Before becoming the dancer BG, and confident that the one we see in Dancing with the stars 10 on TF1, Anthony Colette has lived an adolescence difficult. Mocked by his classmates, he was a victim of school bullying. The ex-boyfriend of Iris Mittenaere is back on his painful past, admitting that he had “the ball in the belly” every morning before school and go home “in tears” every night after class.

“My comrades I mishandle”

On the floor of Dancing with the stars 10 on TF1, Anthony Colette has the confident air. Yet even he, this beautiful brown with eyes dark and body of a dream that had cracked Iris Mittenaere (former Miss Universe all the same) has known of the complex. Ado, the pro of the Latin dances has been the victim of school bullying. He explained to Paris Match : “at the age of 11, I’m doing my back to school at the college. I do not know anyone. Especially with my acne problems, I feel bad in my skin. I can’t make friends”.

Anthony Colette recalls : “My schoolmates mock, treat me nerd, I mishandle”. Suddenly, the schoolboy will not dare to leave the classroom. “I no longer go out in recess, as I am afraid to face the jeers” he confessed, indicating to live a deep malaise all day because of her harassers : “I get up every morning with butterflies in my stomach and every night I go home crying”.

His father then gives him the idea to make boxing more precisely, to “regain confidence” in him and not be afraid of those who tortures your. And it works. “I can stand up to my tormentors. As of the month, I’m gaining in popularity,” he said, “The next year, I’m even friends with those who once I mocked”. A 14-year-old Anthony Colette goes to another combat sport : krav-maga.

“I am treated of fag”

He then tries to dance next to a classmate in a course of rock’n’roll. But it is 16 years old, when he discovers Dancing with the stars on television (the show is broadcast in France from 2011 on tF1) that Anthony Colette understands that he wants to dance. “I begin with the b. a.-ba. I’m heading, I’m making progress. My persistence pays” has he entrusted to you.

The student will then again be harassed at school : “once again, I wipe ridicule. I am treated of queer, I was told that the dance was reserved for girls, I’m too old to start”. But the dance partner of actress Elsa Esnoult in this season of Dancing with the stars 10 continues in spite of the criticisms and prove to its critics that it had reason to start.

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