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Anthony Davis and the Lakers thrash the Wizards

Anthony Davis and Lakers thrash Wizards


Anthony Davis may be in the best form of his career these days, and he proved it with a whopping 55 points in a 130-0 win over the Los Angeles Lakers. 119 against the Wizards in Washington on Sunday. 

Often plagued by health problems, Davis has regained his luster this season. He leads the entire Silver Tour in rebounds per game (12.6) and ranks 11th in points per game average (27.2).

In the duel of the day , he showed great efficiency by making 22 of his 30 shots, in addition to hitting the target on his nine free throws. In addition, he left nothing for the Wizards around the ring by getting 17 rebounds.

On Friday, Davis also shone against the Milwaukee Bucks, scoring 44 points.

For a rare time in the shadow of a teammate, LeBron James also looked good adding 29 points to the board. Lonnie Walker IV (20 points) and Russell Westbrook (six points, 15 assists) also contributed to the Lakers' win.

The California team is having a good time after a bumpy start . She has won her last three meetings and eight of her last 10 games, but she still has her work cut out for her, who is ranked 12th in the Western Conference.

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