Antifa: hysteria or real threat?

Antifa: hystérie ou menace réelle?

I was struck this morning by a text from Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times. It looks to be a recent phenomenon, that of development, then demonization, of the movement Antifa.

The 31st may last the president, Trump claimed he was going to add this motion to the list of terrorist organizations. In the mind of the president, Antifa is responsible for the majority of the gestures violent that accompany the wave of protests the past three weeks.

The accusations that we are heading towards Antifa are based on facts or rumors, we are now witnessing the development of a real paranoia in certain regions of the United States, and some stories give cold in the back.

In the state of Washington, a family of campers has been pursued by thirty armed men. These vigilantes improvised have cut down trees to block roads, trapping the small clan. Threatened and isolated, the family is multi-racial has to be accompanied by the police authorities in order to continue his journey. Their pursuers believed them to be associated with Antifa…

There are reports of numerous similar cases on the territory of the united states, and it is this that has prompted Kristof to write his text. The journalist pointed out that this movement is more or less structured that a presence is marginal in the events of Black Lives Matter and that for the moment none of the people arrested for having performed acts of violent is not affiliated with Antifa.

Yes, the movement is inspired by a european tradition of anti-fascism uses direct action to counter the far right and he sometimes has to use violence. If it is not to deny this reality, it is however necessary to qualify seriously the potential threat posed by those who claim the movement. It is not here, as indicated by several Americans, from a real invasion to eliminate the Whites across the country.

If I don’t like the recent evolution of the movement, I worry even more of the paranoia fuelled by media conservatives. If you take a look at the chronology and development of the discourse of fear surrounding Antifa, you’ll quickly notice that the year 2016 marks a pivotal moment.

To propel themselves to the White House, Donald Trump did not hesitate to partner with Breitbart News, Steve Bannon or Fox News. Using misinformation, it is a fact that Antifa is a real enemy inside. We see now that waving that scarecrow, it justifies the worst fears-and the use of extreme measures.

Antifa in the United States, these are small groups acting at the local level, and actions are rarely coordinated at the national level. To claim that it is a real army or a significant threat to the scale of the country is not based on any particular serious.

If it should nevertheless remain vigilant and to condemn the more radical actions, it is necessary to avoid, here again, the trap of the misinformation. The president has made a speciality of the division and chaos, not hesitating in the passage to put all the protesters in one basket. If we limit ourselves to the facts, the white-supremacist or organizations such as the “Bugaloo” are far more threatening. They are the ones that darken in the car in the crowd or who preach an appeal to arms. Yet, one has the impression that the current administration is less pressed to limit their action or to denounce them.

To access the text of Kristof, you click here.

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