Antoine Griezmann and Deschamps are committed against homophobia in football, and the future action

Antoine Griezmann et Deschamps s'engagent contre l'homophobie dans le foot, des mesures à venir

Antoine Griezmann speaks of homosexuality in football and admits he would be “proud” that a team mate told that he is gay.

Homosexuality in football is still a taboo, even if we are in 2019. Yoann Lemaire, a former amateur player, had been fired from his club after his coming-out. In anger against such discrimination, he made a documentary about this Football player and homo, in the heart of the taboo, which has been broadcast on France 2. He interviewed Antoine Griezmann, whose words gave him new hope. As of this weekend, the LFP will begin to put in place a series of measures, starting with to wear armbands arc-en-ciel during the matches of League 1 and League 2, in the framework of an awareness-raising campaign.

Antoine Griezmann would be “proud” that a team mate can say that he is gay

Footballer and homo, in the heart of the taboo. This is the name of the documentary that was broadcasted on Tuesday 14 may 2019 on France 2 (23: 30). This is Yoann Lemaire, who directed (with Michel Royer), who had been fired from his club of amateur football after his coming-out. In order to change attitudes in the sport, he has interviewed several people in the field, as the player is Antoine Griezmann.

The world champion has shown his support by explaining to him that he would be “proud” that a team-mate “could say (that he is gay, ed), do it publicly, I think it could open the door to other”.

The footballer who has announced his desire to leave Atletico Madrid (Barca or PSG ?) he added : “If it receives criticism, because there will always be critics, […] encourage them to be proud of and continue to be happy. Each person has its tastes, whether in love life, in the things we like to do… Try to help the person who says it. Not to criticize, nor insult”.

Statements of Antoine Griezmann, who have been warm to the heart of Yoann Lemaire. “I had always wanted to see a big star so speak. I was very touched” he confessed, as reported by Le Parisien.

Didier Deschamps advocates “tolerance”

In addition to the husband of Erika Choperena, with whom he recently had a second child, another great name in the world of the ball round has answered questions of the documentary : Didier Deschamps. The coach of the Blues has explained that according to him, “sport and football in particular, it is tolerance, it may be different, but there is one place where you can bring all the peoples (…) it is football well”.

A tolerance that would be welcome in the football, because as stressed by Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine, who has received Yoann Lemaire in C à vous on France 5, Antoine Griezmann and Didier Deschamps are “the only ones of the team of France world champion has agreed to answer”.

And the figures of the Ministry of Sports and youth, also to reflect : homosexuality is a taboo for 63% of the professional players and for 74% of the young players.

Armbands rainbow to the games and more measures to come

In order to curb homophobia on the field, the Professional Football League (LFP) is launching a new awareness campaign with slogans as strong as “Gay as straight people, we wear all the same shirt” or even “out of the game to homophobia”. But mainly, it was indicated that the armbands arc-en-ciel will be worn during the matches of tomorrow (Friday 17 may 2019), for the international day against homophobia and transphobia.

These armbands in the colors of LGBT will also be worn this weekend for the 37th day of Ligue 1 Conforama and the 38th day of Domino’s Ligue 2. An initiative that has been taken between the 40 professional football clubs and associations SOS homophobia, Football as a whole, PanamBoyz United and the DILCRAH.

And in this same operation, other action plans have also been designed to make all the players aware of the ball round and round to this problem. The training centres will receive educational booklets in order to break the stereotypes with young players. Fans are also concerned. To stop the homophobic insults in stadiums, a dedicated training will be organized for the referents of the fans. And if the “fag” and other “cocksucker” continue to happen, sanctions will be taken. Starting next season, a report form will even enable fans to report other actions homophobic. The justice may even interfere with it.

Always in this will to move forward mentality in the world of sport, Andy Brennan was the first player australian (according to the Herald Sun) to make his coming-out. The one that is evolving in the club of the Green Gully was publicly revealed to be homosexual on his account Instagram, stating : “It took me years to feel comfortable saying it : I’m gay”.


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