Anxiety around the possible change of status of the inspectors of the STM

Inquiétude autour du possible changement de statut des inspecteurs de la STM

The possible increase of the powers of the inspectors of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) seems to be worrying Montrealers: no less than 17 questions have been asked about this Thursday evening during the public session of the board of directors.

Some users fear that a possible change of status of the inspectors creates or increases of abuse of power against the people who are part of visible minorities in the public transport in montreal.

Remember that the 180 inspectors of the STM have been trying for over a year to get a change of status with the government of Quebec to be appointed as special constables.

This status would give them more power: they could make the arrest of any person suspected of having committed a criminal offence and lead to a police station.

The inspectors, however, would be more responsible: they would be subject to a code of ethics and the complaints against them would be analyzed by an independent body, the police ethics Committee, and not to the internal, as is currently the case.


Last year, the STM has asked a committee of experts to document the relationship between the inspectors and the community.

On a regular basis, the committee will expose his comments to the members of the board of the carrier. The document will then be forwarded to the committee of customer service of the STM, and released to the public.

“We try to make it as open as possible and take the feedback of everybody to ensure that we improve the relationships between the inspectors and the community”, stressed on Thursday the chairman of the board of the STM, Philippe Schnobb.

The committee is chaired by Rémi Boivin, professor in the School of criminology of the University of Montreal. Already, several meetings have been held between the members of the committee, on which sit including members of diverse cultural communities, and the environment of homelessness.

A report containing recommendations to improve the process surrounding the change of status of the inspectors should also be filed with the board of directors in September, ” said Mr. Schnobb.

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