'Any illness brings families together': Prince Harry breaks silence about King Charles III's cancer

'Any illness brings families together': Prince Harry breaks silence about King Charles III's cancer

Le prince Harry est sorti du silence suite à l'annonce du cancer du roi Charles. dpa – Rolf Vennenbernd

En déplacement au Canada, le prince Harry a pris la parole pour la première fois depuis l'annonce du cancer de son père.

This is the first time he has spoken on the subject. This Friday, February 16, Prince Harry spoke to journalists from Good Morning America to discuss the cancer of his father, King Charles III.&amp ;nbsp;

"It stays between him and me"

In the United Kingdom, the health of the royal family is a highly controlled subject, and even more so when it comes to the king. Moreover, no information has been revealed on the affected organ or on the treatment put in place. We simply know that this is not the case. is not the prostate.

Prince Harry therefore logically did not provide additional information on the illness: "that remains between him and me" he told the American media. The latter only explained that he was able "jump on a plane" immediately after hearing the news in order to go to the bedside of his father despite very conflictual relationships in recent years.

"I will come back to see my family"

"I think any illness brings families together" he declared in particular before adding "I love my family. The fact that I' was able to take the plane to go see him and spend time with him, I am grateful."

Prince Harry even confided that he could visit the United Kingdom again in the coming months for different reasons. &quot ;I will come back to see my family as much as I can", he emphasizes. However, a move to his native country is not an option for him: "My family and my life in California are what they are." However, the king's son does not feel "American" but "songe" to obtain his citizenship: "It's an idea that crossed my mind, but it's certainly not a priority for now."

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