Any institution that is sanctioned by the CNESST

Aucun établissement sanctionné par la CNESST

Responsible for enforcing the rules of the public health in shops, restaurants and other workplaces, the CNESST has to date issued no fine in Quebec.

Institutions that have not complied with one or the other of the health measures laid down by the public health have not been sanctioned by the standards Commission, equity, health and safety in the workplace.

This situation can be explained by the “very, very good cooperation” on the part of the employers visited by the CNESST, ahead of Nicolas Bégin, a spokesman for the organization.

6814 interventions

Between 13 march and 13 July, the inspectors have conducted more than 6814 interventions on the entire territory of quebec in respect of the COVID-19. More than one-third of these shares were made in response to complaints.

These last were made ” particularly with regard to the preventive measures put in place by the employer and the protective equipment “, explains by e-mail the spokesperson Audréane Lafrenière, who cites the example of the non-compliance of the distancing physics of two metres or of a mask.


In the workplace, about 1858 interventions have helped to discover at least one item of non-compliance with the Law on health and safety in the workplace and its regulations , “reveals the CNESST. Despite this, no finding of a violation was not released, although the CNESST has the power.

“When an inspector is present in a workplace and finds some abnormalities, it will ask the employer some of the fixes. And once these fixes are made and judged satisfactory, we close the folder. There is no need to have a statement of offence, ” explains Nicolas Bégin.

The sectors of construction and retail trade were most affected by the CNESST, with, respectively, 2557 and 1548 interventions. The restoration follows, with 726 shares.

The data of this sector are, however, “incomplete” states the CNESST, which supports that more than 780 operations were conducted during the last weekend. These do not, however, had not yet been compiled in the figures submitted to the Journal.

The actions of the CNESST relating to the COVID-19 (between 13 march and 13 July 2020)

  • 6814 interventions
  • 2043 complaints received
  • 0 fine

Number of interventions of the CNESST by sector of activity

  • Construction : 2557
  • Retail trade : 1548
  • Restoration : 726
  • Manufacturer : 565
  • Daycare : 325
  • Health : 302
  • Education : 274
  • Mining : 43
  • Public transit : 6
  • Other : 468
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