Apocalyptica released a new album: exclusive review

Revolutionary multi-genre Quartet returns to the instrumental roots in the new videosingle

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Apocalyptica выпускает новый альбом: эксклюзивный комментарий

Album “Cell-0” cellists Apocalyptica will be released on 10 January 2020

Ninth Studio album “Cell-0” for multi-platinum Finnish cellists Apocalyptica, who this summer performed at Zaxidfest 2019, will be released on 10 January 2020 (Studio “Silver Lining Music”). Today, October 3, will premiere the first single, “Ashes Of The Modern World”. The Director of the video became known for award-winning Director from Finland Ville Juurikkala, who has worked with many famous artists from Guns ‘n”Roses and Aerosmith to Andrea Bocelli. About it “Today” reported in a press-service of Apocalyptica.

Watch the video: the first single from the album Cell-0 Apocalyptica

“Cell-0” is the first fully instrumental album of the Quartet for 17 years, which became a challenge for the musicians themselves. Apocalyptica wanted their instruments sounded new shades and colors. The album will be sold in a variety of formats and available for pre-order www.apocalyptica.com CD, double vinyl with engraving and a 20-page booklet, collector’s edition D2C, digital format and streaming.

Apocalyptica выпускает новый альбом: эксклюзивный комментарий

In Kiev November 5, will perform with Apocalyptica

“Our new songs are very layered and diverse that it is not always easy to understand immediately. But this is a highlight of instrumental music because the listener always could perceive the same song. And this is another reason why we don’t want to describe our songs before the release,” – says the band leader Eicca Toppinen (Eicca Toppinen).

In support of the album “Cell-0” Apocalyptica will hold a 23-day tour of 15 European countries, together with special guest band “Sabaton”, which starts on 17 January 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. The big tour will be announced later.

Earlier, the world-famous Apocalyptica performed the anthem of Ukraine on a cello.

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