Appeared a funny video of a raccoon escape from a burning building

Firefighters put two ladders to help animals escape

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 14:21

Появилось курьезное видео побега енотов из горящего здания

Rescue the raccoons during a warehouse fire in the United States was in the video

User Facebook named Paul Bierwagen published a funny video, which depicted the escape of a pair of raccoons from the roof of a burning warehouse in the us city of South bend, Indiana.

According to the Mashable, the rescuers managed to pull out of the fire raccoons trapped after the building caught fire. On published frames, you can see how firefighters put two ladders to help animals to escape.When two raccoons went down in the video, heard the applause of local children.

“Some people ask: “Why save a raccoon?”. Saving lives and property – two priorities during a fire,” said the author of the publication.

Watch the video: in Kiev looking for the owner of a raccoon

We will remind, inhabitants of the U.S. state of Ohio went to the police, fearing the invasion of the raccoons who “act like zombies”. Earlier “Today” also wrote about the brazen raccoon that took away food from people on the streets. Meanwhile in Kiev, the rescuers had to pull the frightened raccoon, from ventilation shafts to which the animal decided to climb to change the atmosphere of the familiar room.

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