Appeared breathtaking trailer of the film “the Double” with will Smith

Also in a network there was video, how to create special effects of the film

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Появился захватывающий трейлер фильма "Двойник" с Уиллом Смитом

A scene from the movie “the Double”

Actor will Smith, who starred in the sequel to “the Bad guys”, also played in another sci-Fi action movie. For the role, the actor even “rejuvenated”, but with the help of technology.

Watch the video on how will Smith said that he would not go into politics:

The new film from ang Lee will Smith will play at once two roles: the hero and his young clone. The main character is called Henry Brogan, and he is the world’s best assassin, to which nobody can get. To eliminate it, a secret organization creates his clone Junior, who in the story is 23 but he has all the skills of your prototype.

The release of the film on the wide screen is expected on 10 October 2019.

In addition, the network also appeared in a movie where Director ang Lee and producer Jerry Bruckheimer talk about the technology that will change the world of cinema, and also created a young clone of Smith. And he will brag how he “rejuvenated”.

Earlier in the network appeared the first trailer of the fantastic Thriller “the Double” with will Smith. The trailer for the day has become an Internet hit, with nearly five million views.

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