Appeared exciting trailer for the second episode of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”

Jon snow already knows the truth about his origins, and Jaime Lannister came to Winterfell

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Появился захватывающий трейлер второго эпизода восьмого сезона "Игры престолов"

“Game of thrones”

Before we enjoy the first series of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”, about which we wrote earlier, as HBO has released the trailer for the second episode of the eighth season, called Death has many faces (“death has many faces”).

Note that the second episode of the Saga will last approximately 58 minutes. The teaser shows how in the second episode stark family recalls the excesses of the family of the Lannisters, thus showing his distrust, and a certain disregard to the brothers Tyrion and Jamie Lannister. Also Jon snow along with his brothers preparing to attack the King of the Night with an army of white walkers. Tormund says they will come, “Tomorrow at sunrise” (Before the sun comes up tomorrow).

The premiere of the second series will take place on April 21 in the U.S. and April 22 in Ukraine.

Earlier, we wrote detailed information about when and where you can see all episodes of the eighth season of “Game of thrones”. Also the website Today.Lifestyle made a voting – Who will take the Iron Throne.

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