Appeared impressive movie trailer James Franco “ZEROFILL”

It’s the new directorial effort of James Franco

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Появился впечатляющий трейлер фильма Джеймса Франко "Зеровилль"

Frame from the movie “Zeroville”

In the network appeared the final trailer of the Comedy by James Franco, who was on trial for johnny Depp and amber heard, “Zeroville”. The film will be an adaptation of the novel by Steve Erickson.

Watch the video about how popular movies of the 90s so far:

He tells about the autistic College student of architecture, who dreams cinema. In 1969, he arrived in Hollywood, which is experiencing the demise of their “Golden age”. The vicar produces a lasting impression on everyone through his tattoo on the skull with a scene from the movie “a place in the sun”. He gets first a dresser, then kinomontage and meets with various characters from the world of cinema. His journey behind the scenes of the film eventually ends in tragedy.

The main character IKE “Vicar” Jerome in the performance of Franco was characterized as “an architect, a College student and kinomontage”, but his girlfriend Soledad (Megan Fox) is described as “actress, the witch and awesome.” Other characters describe as “the murderer of Sharon Tate”, “armed robber”, “angry teenage girl”, “avid lover of whiskey” and “fan weapon”.

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The film is partly in common with the previous work by the Director of the Franco – Comedy biopic Tommy Viso “Woe to the Creator.” Visa was also an enthusiast of world cinema and in the end created the film “the Room”, which has earned at the same time the status of the worst in the history of cinema and cult.

However, the events of “Zeroville” occur exactly at the same time as the events of the new work of Quentin Tarantino’s “Once in Hollywood”. Moreover, it has a common character – a serial killer Charles Manson.

We will remind, earlier on HBO on YouTube has released a trailer for the second season of “Deuce”. The main roles are played by James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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Появился впечатляющий трейлер фильма Джеймса Франко "Зеровилль"

Появился впечатляющий трейлер фильма Джеймса Франко "Зеровилль"

Появился впечатляющий трейлер фильма Джеймса Франко "Зеровилль"


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