Appeared the first details of a mysterious new film by Christopher Nolan Tenet

According to media reports, Tenet it reminds me of the movie “inception”

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Появились первые подробности нового загадочного фильма Кристофера Нолана Tenet

Christopher Nolan

Recently, representatives of Warner Bros. confirmed that the film Christopher Nolan has already started to appear. The project called Tenet (“tenet”). But now, the network appeared in a short video trailer of this ambitious project.

Watch the video about how Ukrainian stars remember the cartoon characters of the 90s:

The movie was shown before the sessions, “Hobbes and the Show.” According to Variety, the movie does not show any details of the picture. On the screen appeared actor John David Washington, who one of the main roles, and the caption “It’s time for a new hero” (It’s time for a new protagonist).

But the Reddit user also said that the movie is very mysterious — it does not mention none of the other actors (Robert Pattinson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh). The teaser somehow reminded the audience “the Beginning” in a video used rapidly changing images. In the video, the protagonist of John David Washington is behind a glass wall with holes from bullets. Then there is the slogan, and the next scene he loads the gun. The screen changes to show the police with shields, the hero joins the battle and handcuffed.

Tenet will be released in July 2020.

We will remind, except Washington in the film will star Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki. Also in the film will also be an elderly male character.

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