Appeared the first frame of the reboot of “West side story” by Steven Spielberg

Spielberg decided to remake a cult film

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Появился первый кадр перезагрузки "Вестсайдской истории" Стивена Спилберга

“West side story”

The company 20th Century has finally released the first frame of the remake of the legendary musical “West side story“, directed by Steven Spielberg, who prepares a sensational horror series for viewing only at night. The picture appeared on the Facebook page of the Studio.

Why is it so popular movies from the 90s:

The main roles in the film performed by the Ansel Elgort (known for “the Kid in the drive” and “Club of billionaires”), schoolgirl Rachel zegler, as well as Rita Moreno and David Alvarez.

The author of the script by Pulitzer prize winner Tony Kushner, and the choreographer ribbon – Tony winner Justin peck. The film is based on the story of Romeo and Juliet, but the action takes place in the gang new York of the twentieth century.

Появился первый кадр перезагрузки "Вестсайдской истории" Стивена Спилберга

“West side story”

In the film, a girl named Maria from a gang falls in love with Tony, which is representative of a gang of opponents. As a result, initially the happiness of the young people is doomed.

Recall that Steven Spielberg was the first Director in the history of cinema, whose films have earned more than $ 10 billion at the box office.

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