Appetite: Windows 10 will “eat” a huge amount of memory

Microsoft has upped the minimum system requirements to install Windows 10 to 32 GB

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:46

Зверский аппетит: Windows 10 "съест" гигантский объем памяти

The device with 16 GB of memory will not work with Windows 10 in may

Before the may Windows 10 upgrade required some amount of memory for installation is 16 GB. Microsoft tried to do a “top ten” is very compact so that it fits on a cheap tablet. But in may, the appetites of the operating system will greatly increase that 32GB it will be tight.

Зверский аппетит: Windows 10 "съест" гигантский объем памяти

The device is equipped with a drive 16 GB (usually a tablet or UMPC) can not work with the version of Windows 10, 1903. This is because the volume of the operating system will increase to a minimum of 16 GB and you’ll need an additional 7 GB of backup memory for cumulative updates function Reserved Storage – it will become part of the coming updates in may 1903.

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Because the system requirements for installing Windows 10 was increased up to 32 GB, it will force the OEMs to produce devices with a storage capacity of 64 GB or more, and this applies to both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 10.

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