Apple computers : the transition to ARM chips soon

Ordinateurs Apple : la transition aux puces ARM est pour bientôt

When we say this month, it is on the occasion of the developer Conference which will be held in the week of 22 June, a very important event called WWDC, or Worldwide Developers Conference, which is held in California, in San Jose or San Francisco, depending on the year.

This year, pandemic is forcing, it will be held exclusively online.

If you have a good memory of the world the Macintosh, or Mac, this is not the first time that Apple changes suppliers of computer chips.

The first migration took place when Apple changed its architecture from microprocessors Motorola 68000 series to the PowerPC products for IBM and Freescale (formerly Motorola).

The second took place in 2005 in the passing of the PowerPC to chip giant Intel, a jump in the PC world (Intel, AMD) that has imposed a significant modification of the operating system and all the software that it took to rewrite or recompile.

According to several sources, such as Bloomberg, Apple délaisserait the chip giant Intel to install its own chips type ARM that the company has itself designed, as the ARM chips 64-bit systems on the mobile devices iPhone and iPad for several generations.

Intel chip hybrid Lakefield last generation

As usual at this conference, WWDC, Apple will deliver to developers in its roadmap software, as the next versions of macOS and iOS. The giant apple will possibly announcements regarding Mac products, like the Mac Pro, the laptops and the iMac.

First Mac products ARM in 2021

If everything goes as planned for the jump to the ARM chips, the conference would be of notice to developers to give them time to prepare their software for the Macs with ARM chips to be marketed by 2021.

The motherboard of an iPhone 11 with the chip ARM A13 Apple

For its Mac range, the ARM chips that Apple manufactures have advantages of efficiency in terms of energy consumption and power at multiple points of view.

See you in ten days…

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