Apple denies smokers warranty repairs

Apple has found a direct link between Smoking and damage MacBook

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Apple отказывает курильщикам в гарантийном ремонте

The owner of the defective MacBook sure Apple is not right

If you smoke, then Apple can refuse service. This was told to the American Daniel Hendrick who tried to repair under warranty three MacBook suffering from the recognized Apple marriage with an unreliable keyboard. He wrote about this in his blog.

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Two models of the MacBook was covered by an extended service program Keyboard Service, and the third under warranty AppleCare+. Service center Apple took on repair all laptops and promised to carry out free repairs of all devices.

After a while Hendrik called back and said that the repair is denied. The reason they called “a direct link between Smoking and cause of failure”. The owner insisted and demanded free repair, as prescribed in the warranty obligation. But the service center experts referred to the norms of the office for the protection of U.S. labor. According to them, “laptops, whose owners are smokers are a threat to service personnel since the devices may contain remnants of harmful volatile substances”.

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Hendrik felt that Apple wrongfully refused to repair laptops. They studied American law and came to the conclusion that all the causes of failure were far-fetched. Those rules, referred to the staff service centre will apply only to people employed in the manufacture of tobacco products and are designed to protect them from the harmful effects of tobacco.

It is noteworthy that the service center has refused to return to Hendrick laptops for as long as he does not sign the waiver of claims and fully agree that devices are not subject to warranty repair. The developer is not going to give up and now plans to defend their rights, including through the courts. He is confident that Apple is not fulfilling its obligations.

We will remind that earlier had found a way to play Windows games on a MacBook. Also recently Apple admitted that 20 years was hiding a dangerous bug in macOS.

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