Apple founder predicts the demise of the company

According to Steve Wozniak, the Apple should fall to an independent company

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Основатель Apple предрекает распад компании

While Wozniak believes Apple is the best company in the world

One of the co-founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak has long been known for its criticism of major companies like Facebook, Hewlett-Packard and even their offspring. The other day Steve made a discouraging statement regarding Apple. It is reported Bloomberg.

According to Wozniak, Apple has followed many years ago to split into several independent companies.

“I really want Apple to split up and divided into several independent units that would operate independently of the others, as happened with Hewlett Packard. I think a major high-tech companies have become too big, they are too insisting on being involved in our lives and not give us the right to choose. They are impossible to hide”, he said.

Wozniak also added that Apple is one of the best companies in the world, as the earn directly by selling products, not on their users as Facebook.

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Previously Steve Wozniak criticized and Hewlett Packard. He claims that this company five times rejected his proposal to produce a personal computer. And currently, HP is certainly not as successful as Apple. However, Wozniak was pleased with the work this company. In 2011, he recalled that the engineers could come to work, even at night and create experimental products for our own needs.

Earlier, Steve Wozniak visited Kiev. Also Steve Wozniak managed to sell their bitcoins at the rate of 20 thousand dollars , and encouraged all to do likewise.

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