Apple from the tree: how to look and what the children are doing Polyakova, Loboda, lorac, Asmus, Todorenko, Brezhnev and other

Яблоко от яблони: как выглядят и чем занимаются дети Поляковой, Лободы, Лорак, Асмус, Тодоренко, Брежневой и других

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Stars of the Ukrainian and Russian show-business are actively engaged in their pages on Instagram, showing fans not only excerpts from the concerts and backstage life. In fact, this social network is helping fans get closer to their idols, meet the family, and sometimes even chat with celebrities. So, actors often put more and pictures to their children, and some of them can already boast their own accounts. Look like daughters and sons Brezhneva, Loboda, Polyakova, Asmus, Todorenko, lorac, grandchildren Rotaru – in our material.

Svetlana Loboda just loves to show his big friendly family: mother Natalia, Sergey’s father, sister Xenia, and daughters eve and a Tilde. Evangelina’s eldest daughter from a former spouse Eugene King, and the father of year-old Tilde is considered to be till Lindemann. Girls everywhere are traveling with a stellar mom.

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Daughter Vera Brezhneva seem quite older. 18-year-old Sonia Kiperman is now studying in the United States and many pouchastvuet with her boyfriend. 9-year-old Sarah, it seems, wants to follow in the footsteps of mom – girl there is his page on Instagram, posing with makeup and chooses flashy outfits. At festivals and holidays, the whole family gathers at the table to spend more time together.

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Daughter Christine Asmus and Garik Kharlamov, 6-year-old girl – a real fashionista, but a page on Instagram for her lead star mother. Fans often argue over who is more like a girl, but I cannot deny that she is a real beauty.

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov became young parents recently. The couple are raising year-old son Misha, whose face was concealed up to 9 months. The kid has already managed to star in his first advertisement of diapers and spent a lot of time with mom in the dressing room before filming her show.

Ani Lorak brings up her daughter Sophia, a lot of time spending with the girl. After her divorce from her husband Murat Nalchajian daughter remained with star, and my mother only sometimes it naveivaet. Sofia is also very good with new boyfriend singer Yegor Gleb, who under artist for 14 years.

Olya Polyakova does not hide her personal life from the fans and is very proud of beautiful daughters: 14-year-old Mary and 8-year-old Alice. Both girls are very artistic and follow in the footsteps of mother: Mary tries himself as a model and singer, and Alice is very charismatic and even starred in the video Polyakova “the Ice was broken”.

Grandchildren of Sofia Rotaru also take an example from the famous grandmother. The youngest, Sonia Evdokimenko is studying design in new York, and prior to that was educated in London. The beauty also sings. But the eldest grandson, Anatoly, not much likes to put my personal life.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Nastya Kamensky took a selfie in the mirror and was intrigued by plans for the future.

Also Ani Lorak decided to show another selfie from the car.

And Olga Polyakova together with Lesia Nikityuk took part in the show designer Andre tan during Ukrainian fashion week.

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