Apple invented the “crazy” name to the new iPhone 11

The introduction of iPhone 11 Pro offers a new experience of luxury with a super massive screen size

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Apple придумала "сумасшедшее" название новому iPhone 11

Apple will refuse the name Max in iPhone 11 Pro

In September Apple will release new generation iPhone 11. Despite the fact that the appearance of the apparatus, it is no mystery, the names remain secret. According to new information from 9to5Mac, Apple will change the name of the largest smartphone iPhone Max for iPhone Pro.

See also the plot on how to operate the device on which it is possible to save:

The larger iPhone from Apple earlier had marked “Plus”, which was used in the period from 2014 to iPhone 6 Plus up to 2018, the iPhone 8 Plus. Last year this name was discontinued, and iPhone XS Max.

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Insider CoinX, which is famous for its accurate predictions on Apple devices, Twitter has published a post that reveals the new name of the larger iPhone: “Pro” for iPhone? Crazy naming schemes over the past few years.” The user should trust, because in 2018 he accurately “predicted” the new name of the iPhone XS Max.

The use of such names seems plausible, since the company already has the iPad Pro, which are the most technologically advanced, and just iPad, for a more modest price. Also Apple has the MacBook Pro. It is therefore logical that the iPhone will also be renamed under a common standard.

As for appearance, the iPhone 11 in 2019 will triple the get photo module, placed in a rectangular box. The introduction of the Pro model will offer a new experience of luxury, whether it is a super massive screen size, capabilities of the modern cameras or anything else. Know exactly in September.

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Apple придумала "сумасшедшее" название новому iPhone 11

Apple придумала "сумасшедшее" название новому iPhone 11

Apple придумала "сумасшедшее" название новому iPhone 11


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