Apple iOS 13 full of bugs: users in anger

From disgusting quality iOS 13 affected users and developers

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Apple iOS 13 кишит ошибками: пользователи в гневе

Apple has not fixed most of the bugs the beta version of iOS 13

Last week, literally the day before the start of sales of iPhone 11, took place the official release of iOS 13 Apple devices. However, despite the huge number of innovations, the update has caused a number of problems with the iPhone, which affected not only users but also developers.

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Known insider and app developer Steve Troughton-Smith was so vexed 13 iOS about what you just said in Twitter that I do not remember such disgusting quality of the firmware since iOS 8 appeared in 2014.

In beta testing it was aware of the 117 errors, but it was forgivable because at the time iOS was 13 at the time of testing. With the release of a full update of the error has not disappeared.

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Here are some of the problems iOS 13, encounter:

  • Fast battery drain iPhone.
  • The camera and the flash refuses to work.
  • Players Fortnite and PUBG Mobile complain that the new gestures introduced in iOS 13, prevent to play.
  • Problems with the loss of cloud data in iCloud.
  • Not working Bluetooth.
  • Applications stop responding.
  • Error when connecting to Wi-Fi access point.
  • Arbitrary switching between light and dark themes.
  • Security issue – can be used vulnerability, revealing all contact information.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time a new iOS is launched with problems. Apple iOS 11 also suffered from many critical errors that forced Apple to focus on stability in iOS 12. It is also worth remembering the unspoken rule is not updated immediately after the new firmware, and wait for some time until they fix the developers. Apple knows about the problems, and most of the criticisms will be fixed in iOS 13.1, which appears in the evening of 24 September.

We will remind that earlier it was revealed all the secrets of the Apple iPhone 11. Moreover, Apple iPhone 11 set a record for power among smartphones, even when not announced.

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