Apple iPhone 11 failed the test of strength: photo

Front glass for Apple 11 Pro doesn’t go well with concrete

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Apple iPhone 11 провалил тест на прочность: фото

Apple iPhone 11 it is not necessary to wear a holster

Yesterday, September 20, started official sales of iPhone 11. The first owners on their own experience decided to check out the words of the head of Apple Tim cook, who claimed from the stage that the new smartphones have the strongest glass ever used in a smartphone. Resource editor, Tom’s Guide, mark Spoonauer denied the words, dropping his newly acquired smartphone with a height less than 1 meter, then the screen of iPhone 11 Pro cracked.

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“To see how durable the iPhone 11 Pro, I intentionally dropped the phone from a height of 1 meter onto concrete. Of course, it’s not very high but it gives you an idea of the strength of the device. Right outside the Apple store where people lined up to buy the new Apple smartphones, I let go iPhone 11 Pro,” commented mark Spoonauer.

Apple iPhone 11 провалил тест на прочность: фото

Chips and cracks iPhone screen 11 after the first drop

Stress test iPhone 11 Pro showed what can happen with a smartphone if its accidentally dropping out of your pocket, forgetting to put a cover. 5.8-inch OLED screen mobile phone worth $ 999 instantly covered with cracks and deep chips from the upper left to the lower right.

Apple iPhone 11 провалил тест на прочность: фото

Apple iPhone 11 were very fragile – broken after falling from 1 meter

But there is good news – the rear part of the smartphone, which is also covered with glass, was more resilient. First test iPhone 11 Pro weathered fine – after falling from 1 meter height no damage was recorded, but the front part was cracked even more. Second roll “on the back” with the same height even new scratches added. The third time the height was increased to 1.7 meters, then iPhone 11 Pro the rear cover is still cracked in several places.

Apple iPhone 11 провалил тест на прочность: фото

The back side of the iPhone 11 withstood two drops in a row without damage

Apple iPhone 11 провалил тест на прочность: фото

The third fall proved fatal – the smartphone is covered with cracks

Editor of Tom’s Guide notes that last year’s iPhone XS turned out to be more durable as it withstood the fall, even with 3.5 meters of altitude and almost not got any damage.

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