Apple iPhone XS hacked the hackers and showed how to do it

Hackers managed to find a gap in iOS 12.4 and release a public jailbreak

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Apple iPhone XS взломали хакеры и показали, как это сделать

Hacking iPhone XS takes 4 seconds

Protection iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max XR finally fell – the hackers managed to hack the smartphone method jaybrake (jailbreak). Despite efforts by Apple to protect your smartphone from hacking, hackers managed to breach the 12.4 iOS and use it to their advantage. Reported by Engadget.

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Security researcher under the pseudonym Pwn20wnd has released the first free public jailbreak for all new iPhone. Twitter users are already sharing results of the working method of hacking and thank the hacker. It should be noted that hacking happens in just 4 seconds.

Jailbreak (Engl. Jailbreak – “hacking”) is officially unsupported by Apple operation, which breaks the protection for the iOS and provides the following features:

  • Opens up full access to the file system of iPhone or iPad.
  • The possibility of entering the unit out, not only from the App Store, but also on alternative app store Cydia.
  • Unlocking a GSM chip with at & t AT&T, Verizon, Sprint.
  • Free paid apps and games (piracy).
  • Customization of the interface.

Despite the apparent “free”, for it hides a serious danger. Hacking proved to Apple that now all mobile devices iPad and iPhone are under threat, because smartphones and tablets company has a security breach, which will certainly take advantage of the cyber criminals for their own purposes. At least until the release of “hotfix” iOS 12.4.1.

Also it should be understood that the jailbreak process can lead to a transfer apparatus in a state of “brick”, when your iPhone or iPad just will not boot because of damage to the firmware. Very often after the “Kirpichny” it is not possible to return the mobile in a working condition, so the hacking method of jailbreaking do this entirely at your own risk. For the above reasons we will not post links to the firmware c release.

We will remind that earlier in Israel have learned to hack into all iPhone models. In turn, Apple has banned the iPhone and iPad, and has warned users about the dangers of jailbreaking.

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Apple iPhone XS взломали хакеры и показали, как это сделать

Apple iPhone XS взломали хакеры и показали, как это сделать

Apple iPhone XS взломали хакеры и показали, как это сделать


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