Apple is going to revive the classic iPhone 4

The new smartphone will appear in 2020 under the name iPhone 12 and get a classic square design

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Apple собирается возродить классический iPhone 4

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Presented smartphone iPhone 11 was derided by users for its intimidating design that causes trypophobia. But the main reason is that externally, the iPhone 11, iPhone X and iPhone XS virtually unchanged for the last three years. But things can radically change in 2020, when Apple will revive the idea of the design of the iPhone 4.

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Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated in a recent study that the iPhone 12 will have a “more complex structure, a segmented metal frame, sandwiched between two layers of glass or sapphire.” It sounds very similar to the current iPhone, but Kuo believes that the new smartphone will be similar to the iPhone 4 – with more sharp edges, unlike today’s fashionable rounded edges.

Apple собирается возродить классический iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 12 will be similar to iPhone 4

According to analysts, the changes will allow the internal antenna of the phone to send and receive high-frequency signals. This is due to the fact that Apple plans to introduce in your iPhone 5G modem from Qualcomm. However, in 2020, iPhone 5G module should not wait – it will appear in 2022, but the new design will be future-proofed and will help to solve the problem with the antennas.

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However, a redesign can have a significant impact on component costs Apple. According to Kuo, the price of metal frame and glass housing could jump by 50% each, thus, it is possible that the iPhone 12 will cost $ 2,000. The analyst also suggested that Apple will release a line of iPhone 12 new sizes of the diagonals of the screens of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.

We will remind that earlier iPhone 11 compared with Android smartphones to determine who is better or worse. Also the iPhone 11 exceeded expectations Apple smartphone snapping up instantly.

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