Apple was suspected of cheating with iPhone

Experts estimate the cost of the PV modules in top-end flagships, and were surprised

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Apple заподозрили в обмане с iPhone

Apple buys iPhone camera XS and XS Max is cheaper than Samsung and Huawei

The iPhone XS and XS Max since the release occupy a leading position in rankings of the best smartphones not only on speed but also on the quality of the cameras. But experts questioned the value of cameras in these mobile devices. Research company figured out how many cameras have high-end flagships.

According to PhoneArena, Apple buys iPhone camera XS and XS Max for 34,50 USD per unit, while the camera system Samsung Galaxy S10 is $ 44 per unit, and the latest model P30 Pro from Huawei has got the most perfect photo module at the price of 56 dollars for a set of four front cameras. It turns out that Samsung and Huawei are overpaid, unlike Apple, 1.4 and 1.9 times, respectively.

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I should say that the quality of the photo, though, and depends on the equipment, also largely due to software and image processing algorithms (Pixel 3 — example). However, the cost is not taken into account in the above figures.

The researchers also found that the display Huawei P30 Pro costs about $ 110, and the latest iPhone XS Max is about $ 120. While Super AMOLED display Galaxy S10+ is the most expensive of all modern smartphones with an estimated cost of $ 125.

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While the margin on a specific device three of the top manufacturer are actually on par: for iPhone it is approximately equal to 60%, for Galaxy S10+ — 57%, and Huawei P30 Pro — 65%. The report also reported that Apple plans to release iPhone with support for 5G in 2019, while Samsung already released, but Huawei plans to sell your mobile device with support for the new mobile communication in the near future.

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Earlier, Xiaomi was preparing a unique camera for selfie. Also Nokia released the first smartphone with a hole in the display.

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Apple заподозрили в обмане с iPhone

Apple заподозрили в обмане с iPhone

Apple заподозрили в обмане с iPhone


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