Apple Watch and ink don't mix: Man has part of his tattoo removed to use his watch

Apple Watch and ink don't mix: Man has part of his tattoo removed to use his watch

Les tatouages peuvent avoir une incidence sur les mesures réalisées par la montre (illustration). Unsplash – Ryan Grice

Un homme se fait retirer un tatouage au laser pour que son Apple Watch fonctionne correctement.

A man has had his tattoo lasered off, in a TikTok video with 3.5 million views. It was spotted by the American site Daily Dot and was published on May 24 by a nurse specializing in aesthetic care. "Did you know that an Apple Watch and a tattoo don't go well together", she asks in the caption of her video.

The watch locks

A question that has generated many comments, particularly from those who have the same problem: the watch locks because of their wrist tattoo. "It doesn't work at all. I spent all this money on an Apple Watch and eventually got tired of having to enter the password every time, can we please example read.

According to our colleagues, Apple admitted in 2015 that tattoos can have an impact on the measurements taken by the watch. "Permanent alterations or Temporary changes to your skin, such as certain tattoos, may affect the operation of the heart rate monitor. Indeed, the ink, shape and colors, by preventing light from diffusing, can sometimes prevent reliable measurements from being obtained", explains the’ ;company on a support page dedicated to its Apple Watch.

The tattoo ink prevents light from passing through

The cause ? The fact that the’Apple Watch uses a technology called photoplethysmography which involves the blood reflecting red light and absorbing green light . Concretely, the watch uses green LED lights to detect the amount of blood circulating in the wrist at a time, depending on the amount of light absorbed, explains the company. The tattoo ink can therefore prevent light from passing through.

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