Apple will introduce the iPhone 9 to the last day of March

Apple SE iPhone 2 will be available April 3, almost immediately after the presentation

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At the beginning of the year, analysts assumed that Apple in 2020 will hold a March presentation, which is to be held showing the “cheap” iPhone SE iPhone 2 or 9. The latest leak from insiders saying that the company plans to hold a presentation on March 31. All the signs say that it will be a Grand event, with a focus on the announcement of a new range of gadgets in order to balance the recent emphasis by Apple on their services such as Apple TV+ Apple Arcade.

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Analysts have predicted that would represent a giant from Cupertino on the same day. In addition to the new iPhone, Apple will show a number of new gadgets like tracker AirTags and MacBook Pro with an improved keyboard. However, their output can be stretched for the whole year, as some of them are not yet ready for the consumer market.

Where will the Apple presentation on March 31

Apple, for years, conducted the event in March. The first spring presentation held Watch, March 9, 2015 and remember the announcement of smart watches Apple Watch. In 2016, the event was held on March 21, the following took place on 27 March 2018 25 March 2019. 2017 is the only company in March did not hold. Given the nature of the last few years, the date at the end of the month, it seems, has become a trend.

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Popular site MacRumors has supported this theory, stating that Apple has set a date of March 31 for its next event. The resource claimed that his information came “directly from the Apple environment”. The highlight of the program will be SE iPhone 2 – the successor to the iPhone SE 2016, and will go on sale April 3.

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Details about where will be presented the Apple on 31 March, remain unknown. But experts make an educated guess. The company held its spring event of 2015 and 2016 in Cupertino, but in 2018 she moved to Chicago. Then he returned to Cupertino in 2019. It is therefore likely that Apple will hold its event on March 31 at its headquarters in Cupertino, particularly in the theatre of Steve jobs – the last time it showed iPhone series 11 in September 2019.

Earlier, analysts suggested that a cheaper iPhone 9 will help to save Apple. Moreover, in 2020, Apple will return to the design style of iPhone 4.

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Apple представит iPhone 9 в последний день марта

Apple представит iPhone 9 в последний день марта

Apple представит iPhone 9 в последний день марта

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