Apple will raise their prices on the iPhone 11: the cost is shocking

The starting price of the iPhone 11 will be 1299 dollars and counting

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:34

Apple взвинтит цены на iPhone 11: стоимость шокирует

New iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Max and 11R show in September

Apple products have always been expensive, but with the release of iPhone X at a price of $ 999 the company revealed that the limit of increase in the price just yet. Their pricing it forced other manufacturers to produce less expensive smartphones, surpassing the psychological price tag of $ 1,000. Is there a cost limit? According to WCCFTech, citing Chinese sources, there is no limit, and in the fall Apple will raise their prices on the iPhone even higher.

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Autumn Apple presentation will show three new models of iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Max and 11R. Several sources have already got the images of these apparatuses, so that the design is already not a secret. Now the network leaked information about the price of these devices, which are shocking.

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According to the source, the youngest model of iPhone 2 or iPhone XR 11 R will receive a starting price of $ 989. iPhone 11 will cost at least 1299 dollar, and iPhone 11 Max — 1422. These prices have been converted from Chinese RMB and do not include taxes. They may differ from the final version. For comparison, the current generation of iPhone in China costs from $ 900 per iPhone XR, 1190 dollars for the iPhone XS iPhone XS 1320 for Max.

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