Application against the COVID-19: Louise Arbour is involved

Application contre la COVID-19: Louise Arbour s’implique

MONTREAL | The ex-judge of the supreme Court of Canada Louise Arbour joins the mobile application project COVI, developed by the researcher in artificial intelligence, Yoshua Bengio and his collaborators.

Ms. Arbour became honorary president of COVI Canada, the new non-profit organization independent which will ensure the protection of privacy and human rights of the citizens who will download the application COVI.

Developed in two months, COVI can help to protect individuals infected using a cell phone. Thus, if a person goes near someone who is very contagious, the phone will indicate a higher level of risk and provide recommendations for health in this sense. The data will be stored in Canada and regularly deleted.

“COVI Canada has a clear mission of protecting the health, privacy and dignity of the citizens”, said in a press release, Louise Arbour, who was also high commissioner of United Nations for human rights from 2004 to 2008.

“The application provides tools to citizens to give them a power action on their personal well-being and that of our society. Its governance model is built around the core values of accountability and transparency. I feel very challenged by this project and am happy to join to support the fight against the COVID-19”, a-t-she added.

In addition to Ms. Arbour, the organization has announced that Louise Otis would be president of the board of directors. “According to the University of Oxford, the approach used by COVI is the most efficient way to contain the pandemic and could have a significant impact on the number of lives saved, said Ms. Otis. In addition, it is a technology solution that will be open, accessible to all, and which place protection of the rights of the individual at the heart of its approach.”

Developed by the scientific director at the Institut québécois artificial intelligence (Mila) Yoshua Bengio and his team, the application COVI will not be used for commercial purposes or sold to private companies, a-t-on specified.

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